4 Hacks To Help You Stop Borrowing Money

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There’s a toxic cycle that a lot of us struggle to break out of. We go broke, borrow a bunch of money, and then when we finally get money, we have to use that money to pay off our debts, leading to us going broke again. These 4 hacks will help you stop borrowing money.

Make A Budget

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No one likes the thought of making a budget, but honestly even a flimsy one will leave you way better prepared to handle your stipend than none at all. And if you think it’s hard, just get the Money Manager app by Free Apps Group.

Don’t Buy On Credit

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It can be tempting when your sneaker plug tells you to take the new kicks and pay later, but trust me eventually later will come. Instead of buying on credit, why not make sure that you can afford the new shoes before you get them.

Order Less Takeout

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It can be hard finding the motivation to cook yourself a meal. But just know that if you go broke you’re going to cook anyway. So instead, order less food, avoid going broke and make sure that you have some extra cash on you for shegey reasons.

Ask Yourself If It’s Worth It

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You could be broke and still get by okay. If you find yourself looking to borrow money, ask yourself if whatever you want to buy is actually worth it.

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