5 Foods That Help You Concentrate And Study

As a student, you need to stay healthy to improve academic performance. Research has shown that certain foods may be especially important for brain health and promoting mental performance. Here are 5 of them.

1. Green Tea

Green tea helps you focus for two reasons: one, it contains caffeine, and two, it contains l’theanine. There is no doubt that caffeine helps you focus and improves your alertness. Good. That’s covered. Well, what is l’theanine? It’s an ingredient that’s been shown to “increase alpha-wave activity”, which increases tranquility and releases caffeine more slowly, instead of all at once, which can lead to you crashing. The two ingredients also combine to “produce a better ability to focus attention, with improvement of both speed and accuracy”. If you’re able to handle the caffeine content, introducing green tea into your diet is pretty much a no-brainer. (Source: alifeofproductivity.com)

2. Avocado

Avocados are super good for your health for so many reasons, which makes them one of the best study foods. They are high in fibre, protein, vitamins A, B, C, E, and K… the list goes on. Avocados also contain high quantities of folate, which is essential for cognitive function, memory and overall brain health. (Source: spoonuniversity.com)

3. Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits are rich in flavonoids, including hesperidin, naringin, quercetin, and rutin, among others. These compounds may have the ability to promote learning and memory, as well as protect nerve cells from injury, therefore warding off mental decline. (Source: healthline.com)

4. Fish

A protein source linked to a great brain boost is fish — rich in omega-3 fatty acids that are key for brain health. These healthy fats have amazing brain power: A diet with higher levels of them has been linked to lower dementia and stroke risks and slower mental decline; plus, they may play a vital role in enhancing memory, especially as we get older. (Source: webmd.com)

5. Banana

If you’re in a hurry, make sure to grab a banana to consume while on the go. Not only are they sweet and delish, but they can also help boost your concentration. A 2008 study found that students who ate the golden fruit before an exam actually did better than those who didn’t. (Source: health.com)

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