4 Hacks That Will Help Reduce Your Data Usage

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Data is always going to one of the big never-ending money-sucking holes that we lose our allowances to. Especially now that a lot of classes are virtual. Here are 4 hacks to help reduce your data usage.

Use This App: My Data Manager

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This app is truly designed to help you make the most of your data. It measures how much data you use and in which apps. The app then uses that information to generate a data forecast (basically telling you when you’re using your data dangerously). Finally there is also a data budget feature which tells you how much data you should be using each day in order to make your bundle last.

Hour Bundles

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If you’re on Vodafone, then you can save some data by using Vodafone’s hour bundles. Hour bundles are data packages that you can get which only last an hour, and don’t interfere with your main bundle. If you need to do something that has a heavy data mileage, just get an hour bundle for the period.

Midnight Bundles

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Both Vodafone and MTN offer bundles that only work after midnight and expire before morning. The plus here is that you get obscene amounts of data to use during those periods.

Find The Places With Free Internet On Your Campus

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If you’re on the University of Ghana campus, the computer is basically always open during normal working hours, and you can go there for all your internet needs. There are also some wifi hotspots on campus when you need to get something done. Finding similar places on your campus can help with your more data intensive needs, and make sure that your data plan lasts until the end of the month.

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