Quiz: Test Your Knowledge On The Manchester Derby

Badges of Manchester City and Manchester United

When did the first Manchester derby take place?

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The first meeting between the two teams occurred on 12th November 1881. The game finished 3–0 in favour of Manchester United.

Which City player suffered a broken leg in a Manchester derby in 1970?

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Pardoe's injury, which nearly ended his playing career prematurely, was the result of a tackle by Man Utd legend George Best.

Another Manchester derby match in 2001 led to a nasty injury to another Man City player, inflicted by Man Utd's Roy Keane. Who was injured by Roy Keane?

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Roy Keane admitted in an autobiography that his tackle on Haaland was premeditated.

Which of these players has not played for both clubs?

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How many coaches have managed both clubs?

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Ernest Mangnall is the only man to have managed both clubs.

Which player has scored the most goals in the derby?

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Rooney is the derby's highest goalscorer with 11 goals.

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