How To Celebrate Ghana’s Independence Day Like A Patriotic Citizen

For most of us in Ghana, Independence Day is just one of those holidays we look forward to; not because we have anything planned but because we get a break from school or work.

To celebrate this day like the patriotic citizen you are, here are 5 things you should definitely do.

1. Eat Ghanaian food

Today is the perfect day to eat some Fufu with chicken/goat light soup and just relax and watch movies or series. In the evening you can eat something “light” like Ghana Jollof (the best Jollof there is).

2. Listen to Ghanaian music

All the classics should be played today. Highlife songs from Ofori Amponsah, Nana Acheampong, Daddy Lumba, Paapa Yankson and Nana Ampadu among others should be on repeat this afternoon. In the evening bring out the azonto songs and jam to all of them.

3. Relive history through the lens of James Barnor

James Barnor is a Ghanaian photographer who has been based in London since the 1990s. He is widely recognised as one of Ghana’s pioneering photographers. By the time the country had attained political independence in 1957, Barnor had emerged as a formidable photographer. And throughout the years, he has been there with his camera to witness the development of the nation.

4. Try to see if you can remember the pledge and National anthem

You can make it a family kind of thing and laugh at each other because obviously, people will forget the words especially for the pledge.


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