Tricks To Make Your University Roommate Stop Eating Your Food

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There are always going to be people who take advantage of loose boundaries to EAT your food. It’s hala season, and we’re all trying to survive. If being polite isn’t working for you, follow these tips to stop your roommates from finishing your food in the fridge.

Mark Your Territory

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Just because you put a bottle of coke in the fridge doesn’t mean everyone can pour a cup without your permission. Take a big sip straight from the bottle, and be as nasty as possible. Trust me, no one will want to go near that.

Go The Passive-Aggressive Route

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Another thing that you can do is to be as passive aggressive as possible. Just complain about how your snacks are going missing and how annoying it is that. If they’re the one taking your food, then they’re likely to stop.

Hide Your Food

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If things get too critical and you absolutely need to protect your food then one thing that you can do is to hide it. Put your box of cereal in your wardrobe or throw some tins of sardines underneath your dirty clothes. Just put things in the most unsuspecting places.

Talk To Your Roommate

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This is an option that a lot of us would rather avoid, but when you there is no other choice, simply having a conversation with your roommate will help them understand where you’re coming from (that you don’t really like having food that you’re looking forward to eating disappearing on you).



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