How To Let Your Ghanaian Parents Know That “You Tear Chain”

In Ghanaian homes, if you don’t have an older sibling to pave the way for you, you’ll always be stuck at home and you’ll never have a life of your own. You need to pave the way for yourself and your younger siblings (if you have any) and assert yourself as an adult living under their roof.

Sometimes you need to “make their heart cot small” so they can leave your life for you. Know your parents limits oh and don’t go and get sacked from your home. Here are some suggestions on what to do so they know you really tear chain. If you were looking for a sign, this is it.

1. Piercings

If you’re a guy, wear earrings. If you’re a lady, get another ear piercing done and do some more at different parts of your body just for the fun of it. The shouting your parents will shout is just temporal but the drip will be forever.

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2. Dye your hair

In our parent’s minds, if you dye your hair it means you’ve joined bad gang. Shock them with the colours. Blonde and wine are too common. Get purple, pink, blue and the likes. In fact, you can even mix them just for “shege” reasons.

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3. Get a Tattoo

I can already hear the screams from your mum. This one really shows that you tear chain. You’ve come on top. “You no Dey hear anything.” Be careful with this one though because some parents can sack you from their homes. If you have such parents, use those sticker ones that can be cleaned after a while and when they sack you from home, tell them it’s a prank and show them. If they actually get over it, you can go ahead and do a proper one.

4. Sleep out

This is the peak. You’ve come on top so you tell them they shouldn’t wait for you to come home because you’ll come the next day. For some guys, this is normal but if you’re a lady, this is where they tell you that when you go, don’t come back again. It’s up to you to listen to their bad vibes or take the road to your freedom.

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