Distracted While Studying? This App Helps Manage Screen Time

SPACE mobile app by Mobifolio

We’re all a little addicted to our phones. However, when we have to do something as important as study for an examination, we dig deep and find the willpower to put our phones away. And then all it takes is one notification and you end up spending an hour on TikTok.

That’s where the SPACE app by Mobifolio comes in. SPACE is a screen tracker that has several features to help you beat your mobile addiction and get ready for exams.

Photo by Ono Kosuki from Pexels

SPACE monitors your phone usage to see how many times you unlock your phone, and exactly which apps you’re spending the most time in. You can set your own targets within the app and get notifications when you’ve spent more than the allocated time in any app.

The app also comes with a Focus mode that stops your notifications and allows you to focus on getting ready for your papers. SPACE is available for both Android and iOS and will do wonders for your study time.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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