Masie Blu’s “Still I Rise” Is A Call For Hope Despite The Struggles

Masie Blu

Ghanaian-based-American Artist Masie Blu has revealed what led her to write her debut single for the year 2021. Last year Masie Blu entertained her listeners with uplifting and spiritual sounds with songs like “Fountainhead”.

After finally settling in Accra, Masie Blu is sharing with us one piece of herself she has been keeping for a while now. During her visit to Ghana last year, Masie Blu spent most of her time meeting and creating with Ghanaian creatives. Before her move to Accra last year, Masie Blu went into a series of downtimes where she wrote her debut single for this year “Still I Rise”.

In a brief conversation with Masie Blu she revealed what led to her writing this piece, “I wrote this song my senior year of college! (September 2019) I was going through a lot. Leaving my living situation, preparing to travel to Ghana solo post/graduation (December 2019) during the time I wrote this song I was very alone but I wanted to feel strong and okay with the fact that my life was happening that way, that’s how “Still I Rise” came to be.”

Maya Angelou has inspired a lot of great songwriters and Masie Blu is no different, finding solace in Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise”, gave her the confidence to write this song, “I was inspired by Maya Angelou, she is a famous African American poet that wrote a poem called still I rise, decades ago. From listening to her resigns the words to that poem I felt the confidence to allow myself to write a song about rising up out of a difficult situation. The verses in the song speak about what I was looking forward to and what I hoped for if listeners listen carefully they’ll hear the meaning behind this song.

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