Legon’s Noguchi Refutes Claims It Falsified COVID-19 Test Results For A Ghanaian To Travel To The UK

Scientist at Noguchi

Weeks ago, a man named Kofi Acheampong went viral after he claimed that officials at the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research allegedly helped him falsify his positive COVID-19 test results so that he can travel to the UK.

He claimed that after conducting a COVID-19 test at Noguchi so that he can travel, an official from Noguchi called him to inform him that he tested positive and that his results can be changed to negative if he paid GHS 500.

This claim went viral and the University of Ghana promised to investigate the issue.

Now, it has released its findings from the investigation.

While the report confirms Kofi’s claim that he conducted a COVID-19 test at Noguchi and that the results had come back positive, Noguchi denies that any of its staff called Kofi on the phone offering to change the results.

The National Intelligence Bureau, which also conducted an independent investigation into the issue claims it could not verify Kofi’s supposed negative COVID-19 test results which he received when he conducted another test in the United Kingdom.

The NIB also claimed Kofi did not fully cooperate with the investigation as he failed to provide the contact of his lawyer and he had told investigators that he preferred them to interview his lawyer instead.

Legon has vowed to take steps to protect its reputation and it is unclear if they will be exploring a legal option.


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