Ghanaians Ask ECG To ‘Release’ The Dumsor Schedule Due To Rampant Power Cuts

Light off/ dumsor, candle light
image via Ghana talks business

In the last couple of days, power outages have become rampant.

These are not the normal scheduled power outages that are announced by the Electricity Company of Ghana when it is undertaking routine maintenance works.

These are unannounced power cuts.

That last time a major power cut happened, GRIDCo, the company that buys electricity from the power producers and sells it to ECG which in turn sells it to households, blamed it on gas supply from offshore fields.

Days before that statement was issued, some Ghanaians have been complaining about unannounced power cuts and after that statement, there have been other instances of power cuts in parts of the country.

This morning, households experienced another unannounced power cut.

This time GRIDCo is blaming it on the closure of an emergency valve at the West African Gas Pipeline.

Though Ghanaians do not know what to believe now, what they do agree is that there is a power generation problem.

With that, they are asking the ECG to be bold enough to release a power rationing schedule as GRIDCO and others resolve the power generation problem.

Better to be prepared about a black out than to be caught unaware.


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