4 Things Ghanaian Men Do That Annoy Women

We’ve decided to shake some tables today and if you’re on it, sorry for you. All the points may not affect you or the few people you roll with but these are things women have to deal with everytime they step out with the Ghanaian male species.

1. Catcalling a lady after she has walked past you

Instead of you asking to talk to her as she passed by you, you wait till she’s well on her way and call her to come back. You’re the one who wants to talk to her so you should be the one moving to her. If you’re in a car, get down and go talk to her. That’s how she will know that you’re a gentleman.

2. Bragging about the stuff you have and do

For some reason, you lot think bragging about what you do and have will make us more interested in you. All we see is someone who likes to brag. There’s nothing as insulting as a guy who thinks you’re all about material stuff so he keeps talking about what he has so he can woo you. It won’t work.

3. Always looking at our boobs

This happens with ladies with different sizes of boobs especially when they aren’t wearing bras. We’ve sexualized nipples so much so that when guys see them pointing out of clothes, they can’t stop staring. Breasts come with nipples. Grow up.

4. Being indecisive

When we ask where you want to go and you say “anywhere” and keep giving responses like that, it feels like you’re not interested even when you probably are. Getting involved in decision making is ideal because you’re both supposed to enjoy yourselves.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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