4 Simple Hacks That Will Help You Survive Your Group Assignments

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One thing in the university that you can always trust to be more stressful than necessary is group projects. Coordination is hard enough as it is, but there is also always going to be that one person who abandons the work for the rest of the group. Follow these hacks to have a better group project experience.

Use Google Docs

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You can simply split a single sheet into different coloured paragraphs, one for each group member. That way each person can update the sheet at any time, and everyone can see how much work every one else is doing. Once you see other people doing their part, you’ll naturally be motivated to do yours.

Food Helps

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Whenever your group has to meet in person, you can make things go more smoothly by getting some pastries or drinks for the group. In the first place, no one is happy about going for a group meeting but food can help with that. So if you’ve got a little extra cash on you and you can afford it, why not?

Meet Often

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For procrastinators, the surest way to get things done is to have a deadline that’s coming up. That’s why meeting often can force the procrastinators to do their part, because they will need something to show at those meetings.

Speak To Your Lecturer About People Who Are Not Contributing

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It’s uncomfortable, and no one wants to do it, but honestly sometimes snitching is the only way to avoid a bad grade. When you have a team member that refuses to participate in the work, that shouldn’t be an excuse to slack off. Tell your lecturer and make sure that the people who actually did the work are getting the grades that they deserve.

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