3 Transportation Tips To Save You A Little Extra Money

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When you’re on campus, transportation tends to not be too outrageously expensive. However, you can still make some savings by following these three tips.

Just Wake Up Early

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The only reason you’re ever going to have to sweat before a lecture is if you’re late. When you’re late, you’re going to struggle to get into a shuttle and you might end up even having to take a taxi. All of which can be avoided if you just put a little effort into being on time.

Share Taxis

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99% of the time, when you can’t get into a shuttle before class, chances are that there are other people in that same situation. Just politely ask other people who have also missed the shuttle if they would be willing to share a taxi. The more people that are going in your direction, the less you’re going to have to pay.

Stay On Campus

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After lectures, most of us can’t wait to get back to our rooms. However, if there’s nothing particularly urgent to do and you only have one free period before your next class, you can try staying on campus. Visit a friend whose hall is close to your next lecture hall or even go to the library.

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