Myth: Maintaining Your Natural Hair Has To Be Complicated

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Once you join the natural hair community and start following hair influencers online, you’re fed with a lot of information. Most of us learnt from what we saw others do online but the mistake we kept making was to follow certified hair stylists.

In Ghana, a lot of hairdressers in salons don’t really know what they’re doing so it’s better to follow and patronize those who are just for natural hair.

Certified hairstylists post a lot of information online which will help you understand the science behind hair growth and will help you realize that a lot of information we swallowed hook, line and sinker are just made up.

A typical example is the fact that we need the whole day to wash our hair because of the numerous steps we were told to follow. Hot oil treatments, deep conditioning, applying shampoo and conditioner and then applying oils and butters in a LOC or LCO method. Most of these steps are unnecessary. Read this and this to know more.

Washdays don’t have to take your entire day. In fact, nowadays some of us call it “wash hour(s)” because we’ve cut out so many steps and are focusing on 3 main things: Shampoo, condition and styling.

What happened to all the oils and butters and the “moisture locking”? The truth of the matter is that, once you use a good shampoo conditioner and styler to wash, condition and style your hair, you’re good to go. Your hair has gotten the required moisture it needs for the next 4-7 days. A styler is any product that helps you style your hair like a gel and styling foam. And that’s that.

Once you start with this method, your hair will start to feel different but try doing this for a month and see how happy your hair will be.

In the coming weeks, I’m going to debunk some hair myths that most of us believe so we can all grow our hair the right way; without being stressed out and feeling like we have to be doing the absolute most to our hair.


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