If You Have A Cat Which Appeared In Your House, You’ll Relate To These 5 Things

We’ve all been here before. For some reason you own a cat but you never actually got it. They appeared in your house out of the blue and expect you to feed it. They come and go as they please until they started staying in your home for longer periods of time. Now it’s just a part of the family. If this describes you and your cat, you’ll definitely relate to these things.

1. Your food is not yours alone

You cannot sit outside and eat your food in peace anymore because they’ll stare at you and meow until you give them something to eat.

2. You get used to them disappearing and appearing when they like

After all, you’re not really their owner. You’re there because they chose to be with you sometimes. You should know your boundaries and not ask for anything more than is required of them.

3. Kittens!

If the cat you have is female then sorry for you. She’ll keep giving birth and sometimes, you’ll not even know where she puts some of them. Once she gives birth in your house, those kittens take it as their home. They will never leave and you’ll have to take care of all of them. Welcome to parenthood.

4. They just keep staring

Lmao! You can be sitting there doing anything and they’ll just be looking at you, judging your every move and ‘eyeing’ you on top.

5. You miss them when they’re gone

That’s the funny thing about cats. They may not be as active as dogs which chase you everywhere and look for trouble but you’ll miss them when they disappear. You get attached to these creatures and there’s nothing you can do about it because they’ll still go and come when they like.

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