8 Instagram Pages You Can Purchase Thrift Bags From

A lot of us have been buying thrift items for as long as we can remember. “Yi ni low Na hy3 no high.”

Buying thrift items will help you save money as you can buy a lot of items with a limited budget. The problem now is that because of our busy schedules with school/work, we can’t find the time to go look for items in the market but that is where these online shops come in.

These people have gone to find all the best deals and sell them online. All you need to do is request for them and pay and they’ll be sent to you.

For today, we are focusing on Instagram shops where you can get bags to buy. In the coming weeks we will focus on shops selling other thrift fashion items.

1. Luxury_thriftbags

2. June_thriftbags


3. Thrift_everything2

4. Thrift_bag_shop

5. The__thriftshop

6. Budget_baggys


7. Itz_ladies_thriftbags

8. Nessa.s_thrift

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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Featured image via Nessa.s_thrift on Instagram


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