9 Words In Patois That Come From Ghanaian Languages

Ghanaian and Jamaican flag via Kuulpeeps

Sometimes certain words in some languages bear some similarities with other languages in other countries.

Most of the time, it’s because one was influenced by the other. Jamaica’s patois is no different. The language has some words similar to Akan and Nigeria’s Igbo and Yoruba because during the slave trade, slaves from Ghana and Nigeria were transported to Jamaica as well.

We told y’all about the similarities in day names but here are some extra words that mean the same thing in Akan and even Ewe but are commonly used in patois!


Patois: Adrue

Akan: Aduro 


Patois: Opete

Akan: Opete 

White person 

Patois: Broni 

Akan: Broni/Obroni 

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Patois: Bafan

Akan: Bɔfra/abofra 


Patois: Dut 

Akan: Dote/doteɛ 


Patois: Dookunu/Duckunoo 

Akan: Dokono 

In Jamaica, it’s a starchy meal boiled in plantain leaves and eaten as dessert because it’s sweet.

Jamaica’s Duckonoo via myislandjamaica


Patois: Kongkos

Akan: Konkonsa 

“Kaba kaba”

Is used in Ewe to rush someone and in Patois it means a shoddy job

Anansi in patois spelt Ananse here in Ghana both refer to the same trickster in folklore usually 

We really are one people if you think about it.

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