6 Dope Songs That Detail The Corruption Among African Leaders

Wanlove, Tekno and Burna Boy collage

Some sing about love, women, money…others take a break from it all to address a disease Africans get seem to get rid of: corruption and greed.

These are just 5 songs from Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya, all singing about our African leaders leaving citizens to rot while they enjoy their comfort from a distance.

Fela Kuti – International Thief Thief 

Fela went into detail and sang about how the Western world is playing a role in the corruption that’s deeply entrenched in most African leaders. 

Sauti Sol – Tujiangalie

Tujiangalie is a Swahili word for “self-reflection.” On this song, the Kenyan band talked about problems Kenya is facing: bad leadership, corruption, economic inequality and more and questioned the democracy of the country.

King Ayisoba- Wicked Leaders 

The song is about well.. wicked leaders and how selfish they are.

Wanlov – Never Go Change 

This simple song just preaches one thing: our leaders are never going to change. Why? Because as long as they are comfortable in power, not suffering what their citizens are dealing with… they are cool!

Tekno – Better 

On this Tekno sang about the Nigerian leaders and how they turn a blind eye to the suffering of their people. He sings for the hope that one day it will all be better.

Burna Boy – Another Story 

We all know this song. Manifest’s verse detailed what happens in every African country. Our leaders doing the same thing over and over again, making empty promises and feeding us with lies every election period.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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