12 English Words Ghanaians Say Very Differently

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Yes we were colonised bu the British and yes we speak English because it’s the official language in Ghana but… cmon, we all know it’s not our first language so it’s natural to speak our own versions.

The funny part of it all is, some of these words have been used for so long we don’t even remember what the 

1.Know It All

Ghanaians: Too known 

2. Avocado

Ghanaians: Pear 

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3. Weed 

Ghanaians: Wee 

4. Soda / fizzy drinks

Ghanaians: Minerals 

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5. Traffic Indicator 

Ghanaians: Trafigator 

6. Trainers/sneakers

Ghanaians: Camboo 

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7. Boxers 

Ghanaians: Supporter 

8. Shorts 

Ghanaians: Knicker 

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9. By all means

Ghanaians: Byomis 

10. Nail Polish

Ghanaians: Quintex/Cutex

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11. Junction 

Ghanaians: Janshin 

12. Spectacles 

Ghanaians: Spess 

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Source: kuulpeeps.com

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