Explore Accra With The All-New “Troski: Box Bag” By Ghanaian Artist Delasi Kekeli

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Ghanaian Artist Delasi Kekeli is offering an all-new aesthetic of art to his range of art pieces. Transforming from what he’s known for in tackling social issues, Artist Delasi Kekeli has taken a more minimal but creative approach to this new crop of Art.

Ghanaian Artist Delasi Kekeli standing in the midst of His Art. image via Delasi Kekeli © 2020

In Dela Kekeli’s second Homage to Ghana, he focuses on the Trotro, a common means of transportation in Ghana. Troski is a mobile work of art, that builds upon the box bag as a medium.

A Detailed look on one of the Troski: Box Bag, revealing the distinctive aesthetic on the bags.

The Troski: Box Bag highlights key Ghanaian phrases and images from the artist’s life, that mimic the placement of stickers upon Trotros. Battered and rustic the Trotro is never stationary transporting passengers about.

Troski:Box Bag image via Delasi Kekeli © 2020

Trotro plays a very important role in the economical building of the nation. This box bag is a symbol of perseverance, of pushing on to our destination (purpose) even when we are bruised by life. 

The colours on the bag project the fun and positive vibe we get in travelling. The Troski: Box Bag doubles as an art piece and a bag.

You can get your Box Bag at the Shop Accra.

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