Anthony Nti’s “Da Yie” Short Film Has Been Shortlisted For An Oscar

Anthony Nti

A short film by the Ghanaian filmmaker, Anthony Nii has been shortlisted for this year’s Oscars.

His film, ‘Da Yie’ highlights the issue of child trafficking and follows the story of a foreigner who recruits Ghanaian children for a job and later questions his actions and the impact it will have on the children.

Da Yie was shortlisted in the category of the Live Action Short Film for the 93rd OSCARS.

Da Yie was directed, produced, and written by Anthony Nti. Chingiz Karibekov co-produced and co-wrote it with Anthony while Dimitri Verbeek is also credited as a producer.

Goua Grovogui, Prince Agortey and Matilda Enchil were the stars of the film.

The actors spoke Akan language, French and English in the film.

“Da Yie” was shortlisted with 10 other short films, the next step is for the members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to vote for the film to be nominated for an award.

You can see the trailer for ‘Da Yie’ below:


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