5 Tips To Stay Motivated When Overwhelmed With Life

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There will always be days where you feel overwhelmed with everything going on around you. It’s normal but usually, in these times, work still has to go on. How do you stay motivated when everything just feels like a lot?

1. Breathe

It seems so simple yet it’s very effective. Before you burst out in anger or tears just force yourself to close your eyes and breathe in and out slowly for a few minutes. Get connected with yourself. Try to remember that everything you need to do can actually be done. You’re just feeling overwhelmed right now and you need to relax.

2. Focus on one task at a time

When you have to finish a number of things in one day, it can become a lot. Try to write everything you have to finish in bullet points so you don’t forget anything and tackle them one after the other. This makes your goals for the day easier to tackle and will reduce the anxiety you feel about them.

3. Things change when you start doing something about them

Even if what you’re supposed to be working on is small, you’ll achieve nothing by just sitting there doing nothing. Break whatever you have to do in bits and try to finish them one after the other. You’ll find that, that works as compared to any other thing.

4. Get support

Maybe the reason you feel so overwhelmed is because what you’re doing requires 2 people but you’re 1 person. If you need help, you need to reach out to people who you think can help you. If you need encouragement too you need to seek it so it gives you the necessary push to do what needs to be done.

5. Take a break

Sometimes you have to walk away from work to be able to keep being motivated to do something. If your mind is telling you that it can’t take any more work, listen to it and take a break. If it’s a 5-10 minutes break, get up, go out, stretch your limbs and take a short stroll trying as much as possible to not think about work. When you get back, you’ll feel refreshed.

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