What To Do If Your Partner Doesn’t Celebrate Val’s Day

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Everyone is talking and thinking about Val’s Day and you probably went to ask your partner what plans they have for the day only to find out that they don’t “celebrate” that day. To them it’s a normal day and they don’t get why everyone makes a fuss about it so much which actually makes sense when you really think about it. Here’s what to do if your partner thinks like this.

1. Have a conversation with them

Get to know why they don’t like to celebrate this day so it helps you understand things from their perspective.

2. Assess whether or not they show love all year long

Some people are really sweet every time and so they don’t understand why there’s only one day given for showing love when they do that on a regular. If your partner hardly does anything for you which is why you’re hell bent on celebrating Val’s Day, maybe, it’s time to rethink the relationship.

3. Do something special for them

Maybe you don’t have to get a gift because they might feel some type of way because they don’t have a gift for you but you can still do something special with/for them. You can spend the whole day at their end just ordering food and chilling in bed watching a movie they want or cook their favourite meal. Make the day about them and that way, that’s the gift you get them even if it’s something you always do.

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