Richie Breaks Silence On The Guru-Kuami Eugene Issue

Richie Mensah is the CEO of Lynx Entertainment

CEO of Lynx Entertainment, Richie Mensah has issued a statement on the issue between himself and Guru, as well as, what Kuami Eugene said in an interview about Guru.

Kuami Eugene, in an interview, indicated that he refused to grant Guru a feature because he disrespected his boss, Richie.

Richie also confirmed in his statement that “Guru asked Lynx for a feature with either KiDi or Kuami Eugene, but the request was denied.”

He further confirmed what Kuami Eugene said about Guru disrespecting him [Richie].

“He the went from one media house to another insulting myself and other member of Lynx management, even to the extent of accusing us of sabotaging his career for the past 10 years.”

“He spun stories which implied we have some extreme power in the industry to vitiate someone’s career,” Richie added.

Richie went on to defend the statements Kuami Eugene made in the interview, and condemned people who have criticised his signee for his statements about Guru.

“Let’s call a spade a spade. There was nothing disrespectful in what Kuami Eugene said. I am a responsible leader, and I would have chastised my artiste if he spoke out of turn.”

“So my question is, those attacking Eugene for allegedly disrespecting his elder Guru, where were they when Guru was attacking myself and my reputation in a disrespectful manner?” he asked.

Richie went on to idicate that he does not have a problem with Guru… “Never have and never will,” he added.

Read Richie’s full statement below:


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