5 Things In A Ghanaian Man’s Skincare Package

If we’re being honest, every girl hates how guys’ skin work. It’s not fair. They don’t do much to their skin but their skin behaves. Their eyebrows are always on fleek. They have long lashes and they never breakout but we ladies have to do the most to get our skin as smooth as theirs. Here are some things in a Ghanaian man’s skin package.

1. Bar Soap

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Yes, bar soap. They don’t have different soap for face and different one for their bodies. One generic one for the whole body. Only a few men even use Irish Spring, the rest use anything they get their hands on.

2. Towel

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You know how ladies have a face towel, another one for the body and a whole other type for their hair?? Men just use one towel for every part of their body and it still works for them. Some don’t even wash it for months and the towels don’t see sunlight but their skin tends to be still perfect.

3. Deodorant spray

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Ghanaian men care about the way they smell so this is something they make sure they always apply before they leave home. Plus no need to buy extra perfume, this does the work just fine.

4. Brush

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They sometimes carry these around so that they can use it during the day. Unlike we ladies, they don’t have to have different types of combs and brushes for our hair. It’s still a one size fits all situation with these creatures.

5. Cream

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Notice how we just said “cream” not “hair cream” or “body cream”? These people use their cream for everything. Face, body and even hair and it still works for them.

If you’re a guy reading this, how does it feel to be God’s favourite?

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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