Things To Know Before Dating An Older Woman

I believe age is just a number and so if you want to date an older woman, go for it. Relationships that cross generations are no longer a social taboos but if you’re wondering what you should expect, here are some of them.

1. She knows what she wants

Older people in general have been through a lot of life experiences. They know what they want and they’ll fight for it. If they’re interested in you, they won’t stop until you’re theirs. Since she understands herself well, she will also know what she wants from her relationship and will convey this to you and be straightforward.

2. Consider her Health

If it’s a long term relationship, health and aging should be something to consider. If your partner retires and you still have to work for years, how will you feel? Are you prepared to care for an elderly partner rather than enjoy your retirement travelling and having new experiences? You’ll probably have to sacrifice a lot and are you ready for it?

3. Be true to your youth

If you’re 25 years dating someone who’s 35 and above, there’s a chance that you will be tempted to mold yourself into another type of lifestyle and age demographic. Don’t do it. One of the reasons why she likes you is because of your youthful exuberance.

4. You need to give her the space she needs

Even though this largely depends on the type of woman you’re dating, most older woman are established and independent and have their routines. She won’t feel the need to be around you or have contact with you 24/7 like a younger woman might. She wouldn’t need the constant texting to be assured that you’re still thinking of her and attracted to her.

5. They will not put up with drama

They don’t have time for men who don’t know what they want or men who always find themselves in trouble. In some situations, they don’t want other people to even know about the relationship so if you’re a little too all over the place, they might not like it.


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