4 Self Care Tips To Take Better Care Of Yourself

The weekend is almost here and we want you to have all the rest you’ll need for the coming week. Here are some self care tips for the weekend.

1. Get a Massage

A massage calms the nervous system, improves blood circulation, lymphatic circulation and relieves muscle pain. Most importantly, they help release stress and helps you sleep better. Getting a massage this weekend will prepare you physically and mentally for the next week.

2. Say no to others, and say yes to your self-care

If your friend want to go out this weekend but you don’t, come out and say it. Say no to them for your own health. Going out to have “fun” when you’re stressed out and overworked can lead to burnout, anxiety and irritability.

3. Take care of yourself by getting organized

You’ll always feel good when you clean up your room or wardrobe or just tidy up your desk. You can also get a planner or a calendar on the fridge or a diary. This can help you write down all your responsibilities and appointments making it easy for you to be more efficient next week.

4. Set time aside for yourself

You can decide that on Sundays, from 4-6pm, you’ll go to one corner of your house or walk around your neighborhood just enjoying nature and thinking about how far you’ve come. Nowadays, we are almost always staring at our phones but we need to take some time to actually enjoy the present and everything happening around us.

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