Top 4 CV Tips For University Students

There’s one thing that you should know, and that’s the fact it’s never too early to put together your CV. And there are a lot of guides on that are beginner friendly. When putting putting together a CV as a university student though, there are some things that you should have in the back of your mind.

Don’t Include Your GPA Unless It’s Really Impressive

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The only reason that you would include your GPA on your CV is to set yourself apart from other students when applying for internships and other opportunities. However, if your GPA isn’t a 3.60 or above, then you might actually be selling your spot to someone with a higher GPA.

Save Your CV In A PDF Format

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Formatting a CV can be tricky. When you save your CV as a word document and the person reading it has different settings on their text editor, it can mess with the CV formatting. So it’s best just to save your CV in a pdf format unless it’s specified otherwise.

Save Your CV With Your Name

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Yes, the document is a CV but if you’re sending your CV to someone they should know that it’s a CV without you naming it CV. Save your CV with your name so that it’s easier for recruiters to identify.

Put In Your Graduation Date

Applying for jobs before you are even out of school only betters your chances of landing a job. However, when you apply for a job as a student, you have to make it very clear exactly when you are graduating. That information can be essential to the hiring decision.



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