Interesting Gift Ideas For Valentine’s And Where To Buy Them

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It’s the month of love, and we know how stressful it can be thinking about what gift to get your partner. How do you find the perfect balance between thoughtful and affordable? After all, it’s 2021 and socks / texts won’t cut it. Here are some thoughtful Val’s day that are definitely going to be a lifesaver, courtesy of @tsaweki_.

A Million And One Val’s Day Ideas

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If your partner learned a new skill or got a new hobby over quarantine you could get them stuff for it. Or books they might like. Gift cards are also good if you have a hard time deciding on anything. You can open a tab for them at their regular barber or hairdresser,etc.

For those with businesses you can get them digital solutions. Get your YouTuber boo stuff to spec her channel. As the madam who sits in front of his car maybe getting him a spray job with @Afreh__ will be nice. @dishrackgh too is there for you if you want an intimate dinner night in.

If you want to give wine or drinks @boulevardliquor and @fealdrinks got you. Get glasses from @Aforallure_gh. If you want a little extra with that a platter from @mimisplatter or @xMonezzz will work great.

If they’re ready to be a parent you can get them a cute plant baby from @shah_rhon or a puppy from @medoworof

Devices look cute with a red bow so if you can, @igoodsghana @kofisikaa @businesslinkgh
@kcmartghdotcom are ready for you.

Originally tweeted by Rachel♡ (@tsaweki_) on February 2, 2021.

Source: @tsaweki_


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