Getting A New Phone? These Are The Best Tech Reviewers On YouTube

Photograph of MKBHD via Twitter

When you’re getting a new phone, you are basically getting a partner for your day-to-day activities. And you’re getting something that you’re going to use for a while. It’s okay if that makes it a big decision. Here are the best tech review channels on YouTube to help you choose the right phone fit.


When you’re the type who likes a smartphone for the impressive spec sheet, you’re going to enjoy the reviews on this channel. The videos are visually entertaining and you learn what the spec sheet actually translates to in terms of user experience.

2. Mrwhosetheboss

You will never knew how calming tech reviews can be until you watch a video from this channel. There are some fun comparisons of phone features, reviews on new gadgets and even videos on how phones from years ago fare today.

3. UrAvgConsumer

Sometimes it’s not enough knowing a phone’s spec sheet. You also want to know how it would feel to use. This channel gives you an insight into how a device fits into the life of the average consumer.

The channels above are great for phone reviews, but if you’re a techie, there is a lot more content that’s going to keep you glued to your screen.



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