Does The Wearing Of Two Face Masks Provide More Protection From COVID-19?

Arch Bishops Duncan Williams

With the new variance of COVID-19 spreading in the Ghanaian community, some have taken on another layer of protection.

The new variance is said to be more infectious and presents more severe symptoms in younger patients who do not even have underling conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and others.

Besides adhering to the basic protocols, others have also gone a step further.

Some are wearing not one, but two facemasks.

President Akufo-Addo has been advocating for Ghanaians to wear face mask.

The American CDC has not issued official guidance on double-masking, however, the precaution of wearing two masks has not been discounted by any medical body as yet. In situations where you are not able to social distance, you may want to double up by wearing a cloth mask over a surgical mask or two cloth masks. 

One drawback of wearing two masks is that the multiple layers of material could make it harder to breathe.

If you already have trouble breathing while wearing one mask, adding another may not be the best option.


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