8 Things Ladies Who Don’t Wear Makeup Can Relate To

A lot of people seem to have problems with ladies who say they don’t wear makeup because they automatically assume that, the ladies think they’re better than them which isn’t true in a lot of cases. This and many other things, are what ladies who don’t wear makeup go through.

1. Being told “You’d look so much better with makeup”

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Sad thing is, it’s mostly the women who say this to their fellow women. Guys usually don’t care so much about whether or not you wear makeup.

2. Being told “What will you do on your wedding day?”

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A lot of women can’t understand why someone wouldn’t want wear makeup, let alone on their wedding day. This is why a woman went viral after going for her own wedding with no makeup.

3. The few times you tried to do makeup, it was a disaster

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Makeup takes a little practice to master and since you don’t practice doing it on your face, anytime you do it, it looks like a child tried drawing stuff on your face.

4. The rare occasions you decide to put on makeup, you forget you have it on

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You forget and when you start sweating, you clean some of the makeup from your face, making you look weird. If you didn’t carry emergency products, you may have to leave.

5. Everyone wants to make you up

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All because they want to see you in makeup so they know what you would look like.

6. When you come home late you don’t have go through the stress of cleaning your makeup before bed

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Life can be simple. We are the ones who make it complicated.

7. In periods where your skin behaves, people assume you have makeup on but nada!

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Good skin speaks for itself.

8. You don’t stress your face in hot seasons

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You don’t wear makeup so in hot periods, you’re not even bothered. You don’t have to deal with dabbing the sweat on your face and trying to make sure that you don’t clean your makeup in the process. As said earlier, life can be simple.

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