4 Tips To Help You Bargain Your Way To A Better Price

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It’s no secret that things can be a bit overpriced in Accra. However, usually vendors are willing to adjust that price if you make a convincing case. We’ve got some bargaining tips for you to help you get a better deal on your next purchase.

Do Your Research

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If you don’t know the market price of something, you might bargain and still get a deal that ends up being overpriced. Do your research before you even get to the conversation about price. Then if competitors have a lower price, mention that as well.

Be Polite

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Attacking a vendor for the prices will rarely have the effect that you want it to have. Instead be polite and try to get them to meet you in the middle. Help them see things from your point of view.

Buying Multiple Items Gives You An Advantage

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If it’s within your budget, buying multiple items from one seller can get you a better price on each individual unit.

Ask For Add-Ons

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Sometimes you will notice that a seller will be unwilling to budge on price. In cases like those, you can try to bargain to reduce costs in other ways. Ask for a free installation, free delivery or something else that you would otherwise be spending on.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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