Did You Know That There Are Fashion Mistakes That Age you?

No one wants to be mistaken as an older person (except the kids less than 18 years old) but our fashion choices age us. Once in a while it’s okay to relax on the fashion rules and just wear what you like but you need to come back to your senses after a while otherwise, in a few years to come, you’ll wake up one day, look in the mirror and won’t know who you’ve become. You are probably 25 but you’ll look like you’re in your mid 40s. Here are fashion mistakes that will age you.

1. Baggy clothes

There are some clothing items that were meant to be baggy but there are some that aren’t. If you look in your closet and more than 70% of the clothes in it are bigger than you, then we’ve got a little problem. You don’t have to wear tight fitting clothes everyday because there are other styles of clothes which don’t have to fit and if even those ones are still bigger than you, you may have to switch up your entire closet.

2. Wearing trends not made for you

This is actually one of the worst things you can do to yourself. It’s fashion suicide. If particular clothes are meant for a younger generation, it may look very very odd on you. You cannot wear your daughter’s outfit. Trust me, everyone will instantly tell that you’re way older. If you’re the daughter, you cannot wear clothes for your mum also. You’ll definitely look older.

3. Overly matching

A decade ago, it was important to have the same colours on you but now, your outfit does not have to always match your bag, shoes and accessories. We are way past that now as we do well with a little colour blocking. That’s not to say you can never match, but try the alternative with a few outfits to feel more contemporary. 

4. Wearing outdated glasses

You can have an instant makeover once you change your frames. If you have been feeling like you look older than your age, then take a closer look at your glasses. When was the last time you changed it? Are you sure they aren’t outdated?

5. Wearing too many chunky jewelry

Most chunky jewelry have been outdated. Try wearing simple cuff bracelets, thin hoop earrings, a tennis bracelet or thin chain necklaces. They will make you look like you’re from this era.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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