7 Side Hustle Ideas To Put Some Extra Cash In Your Pocket

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People talk about side hustles all the time. It’s obvious that if everyone could get a side hustle going that they would. After all, who doesn’t want a little cash in their pocket. However, just coming into an idea to follow through can be hard. Here are 7 side hustle ideas if you are trying to put some extra money in your pocket.

Drive For Uber Or Bolt

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It’s a no-brainer that if you have a car, and you’re looking to make some extra cash, that you would drive for Uber, Bolt or one of those other services. Just get the app, get verified and you’re good to go.

Tutor Over Zoom

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If you have expertise in some area, you could tutor over zoom for a fee. For example, if you have musical talents you can easily advertise music lessons on your social media and get people to sign up.

Manage Social Media For Small Businesses

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If you have a sizable following and engagement on social media, and you know how to replicate those results for other accounts, you can reach out to small business and help them drive up sales through social media.

Sell Your Services On A Freelance Site

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There are various online services that allow freelancers to sign up and take on jobs for a fee. You can sign up on one of those websites. If you don’t know where to start, check out this article: Find Work As A Freelancer Using These Websites.

Create An Online Course

The platforms Udemy and Teachable allow you to generate some income by creating a course. The amount of money that you make depends entirely on how much value you pack into the course. The more people take your course, the more cash that you get in your pocket.

Sell Meals Online

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If you have an Instagram account and you’re a good cook, you can make some money selling food to people. Post the stews, soups, etc that you make and let people place their orders. Taking a down-payment before you start means that you avoid incurring any costs on your end.

Work As An Influencer

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Finally, if you’re quite popular on social media you can make some extra income through influencer marketing. Approach businesses and sell their products and services to your followers for a fee.

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