Ways To Make Sure That Your Long Distance Relationship Works

Long distance relationships can work if both parties are willing to be patient enough and sacrifice for each other. For some people, the time apart, the distance, makes their relationship better. Having the time to miss your partner helps you remember why you wanted to be with him in the first place. Here are few ways to make sure that your long distance relationship works.

1. Set an end date

Being in a long distance relationship can feel like it will never end. You need to set an end date so that both of you can keep looking forward to that date and plan what will happen after you meet up.

2. Do Stuff Together Even Though You’re Apart

Even though you aren’t together, you can plan to do the same activities. You can decide to watch a movie at the same time while you’re on FaceTime or something. You can also have online quizzes or games together and discuss the results.

3. Share your calendars

Share your calendars with each other so you know what the other is up to each day so you don’t call them at a wrong time and be annoyed that they didn’t answer. It keeps you in the loop about their life and what they’re up to on the daily. You feel involved as well even though you may be 1000s of miles apart.

4. Technology is your best friend

You and your partner can share things happening to both of you in real time with texts, video calls and pictures. When chatting it’s important to delve into the details so the other person can feel as though they were there instead of just brushing over them.

If you’re both willing to sacrifice for the period of time you’ll be away physically from each other, you can make it work.

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