4 Fashion Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make During Harmattan

The harmattan period is characterized by dryness, dust and some amount of cold. It’s hard to take your bath at dawn and in the evening because usually, at that time, the weather is very cold and frankly speaking, you just want to be in bed.

If you slack this period and go out without applying enough body cream/lotion, you’ll end up looking white.

The constant fluctuating nature of the weather will cause you to dress in a particular way and at the end of the day, you’ll regret your fashion choices. Here are some fashion mistakes you shouldn’t make during harmattan.

1. Wearing heavy sweaters

You know how we spoke about the nature of the weather? If you decide to wear this in the morning and leave home, by the time you get to wherever you’re going to, you’ll be extremely warm and will eventually end up sweating profusely. You can decide to wear something underneath the sweater so that when the weather becomes warm, you can remove it. Ladies, you can carry your boyfriend jackets along. When you’re warm, remove it.

2. Forgetting Sunglasses

Sunglasses are important this season because you need them to protect your eyes from the sun and dusty wind. In addition to this, sunglasses elevate your look immediately. You don’t have to do much.

3. Short clothes

Unless you’ve bath yourself in Shea butter or body oil, this isn’t a good idea. You may look fine when leaving home but an hour later, you’ll start looking white and everyone will notice. Apart from that, the wind tends to really blow this season. You don’t want to be clutching unto the end of your skirt when the wind is blowing it up.

4. Scarves/hats should be your best friend

Especially if where you’re going is really dusty. This protects your hair. Caps are usually unisex and add more spice to a casual outfit. It doubles as a covering for the head and a ‘slay booster’.

This extra information is beauty related. Try as much as possible to make your makeup dewy and not matte.

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