5 Punishments Every Ghanaian 90’s Kid Can Relate To

Today’s kids will never understand the feeling you get when you do something wrong and your mum is looking around for a cane to use on you or one slipper to throw at you. The way kids are disciplined now has changed largely because our eyes have opened now and we’ve realised that in as much as we sometimes remember them as fond memories, at the time, the circumstances surrounding our punishments weren’t the best. With that being said, here are some punishments we endured as kids.

1. Washing your own clothes for being too dirty as a kid

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This taught us to be clean even when we were playing on the dirtiest field. If you can’t be clean, you’ll have to endure being shouted at and asked to wash your uniform or house dress.

2. Not being allowed out of the house to go play

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This was one of the most painful things especially when you’re the only kid at home. You have no one to play with and you only peep through your window to catch glimpses of your friends playing. If you’re not able to see them, you’ll have to make do with hearing their excited screams and laughs and wish you weren’t a stubborn child.

3. Kneeling in a corner of the house

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”Go and kneel down and face the wall!” This punishment was given especially with regards to academics. If you can’t answer simple questions, your parents will threaten to lash you until they get tired with your presence and the wrong answers you’re giving them. You’ll kneel down until you’ve figured out the right answers.

4. Not being allowed to watch TV

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You’ll not be allowed to play with friends outside and when you thought the TV would keep you company too, they said read your notes. No TV. The truly stubborn people used the TV when nobody was around and put it off immediately they heard their parent’s car horns.

5. Beatings

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All the types. Whether it’s beating with the hands, with cane, with slippers, belt, “bankuta”, all of it. Kids nowadays have it so easy.

What other punishment did we leave out? Let us know in the comments.

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Featured image source: memes.zikoko.com


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