4 Things That Homebodies Miss About Pre-Corona Times

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There’s an idea people have that introverts are somehow coping better with the pandemic because they’re used to being home anyway. Well, that’s just not true. Even for the most seasoned home body, there are a lot of things to miss about the way things were before.

Making Silly Excuses To Get Out Of Plans

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You know when that anti-social friend used to cancel at the last minute? Well, as the anti-social friend, I can genuinely say that nothing actually came up. Although a homebody probably wouldn’t show, it was still nice getting invited places and getting invited to do stuff.

Face-To-Face Conversations

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It’s true that introverts shy away from interaction, but things are even worse now in COVID times. Virtual conversations are even more jarring because it’s usually people talking over each other, or people not saying anything at all.

Literally Being Home Alone

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One of the best things about being a homebody, and a lot of people will vouch for this, is that feeling when everyone is out of the house and you have the whole joint to yourself. Try being left alone in your own house now. It’s damn near impossible.

Going Out

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As a homebody, one of the best parts about going out is the fact that you get to be reminded all over again why you should have stayed home. These days, however, not having the choice to go out at all can be suffocating.

What do you miss the most about pre-corona? Leave a comment below.

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