VIDEO: Nadia Buari Being Cute With Her Husband And Child

Nadia Buari with her family

Nadia Buari is the most secretive person we know.

Though she is an award-winning movie star, she has managed to keep her family life very private and away from the prying eyes of the media – basically us.

All we know about her partner is his complexion and that they have four children. We could be wrong, it’s Nadia’s private life we are discussing here.

With the little we know, what we don’t and have never seen are the faces of her children and her husband.

The closest we have come are the back of their heads.

In a new video posted by Nadia to her 4.6 million followers on Instagram, we got a glimpse of family moment of mama, daddy and just one of their kids.

Mummy and daddy were being cute on the floor with their legs intertwined and they were being recorded by one of their daughters.

“Do you know you are the most beautiful?” her husband asked her in the video.


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