How To Take Down Faux Locs Without Having To Go To The Salon

There’s an ongoing debate about whether or not protective styles are indeed “protective” and faux locs is one of the styles people are currently wary of. Protective styles are not “protective” when you can’t wash and condition your hair when in them since your hair needs moisture so you can understand why hair professionals have a problem with faux locs.

A lot of people tend to leave them on for months because, well, they look even better with time and they’re expensive to install so you would want to really get value for your money but it’s usually at the expense of your hair but that’s another conversation for another day. Here’s a simple way to take of your faux locs without having to go to the salon.

Take a single loc and cut the end of the loc, so that the hair becomes loose. You want to make the cut about ½ inch to one inch up from the bottom. Once the hair is loosened, you can begin to unravel it from the bottom up.

If you have braids under the loosened hair, apply oil/Shea butter to your hands and the braid and unbraid. Once your own hair is out, apply conditioner to the hair and finger detangle. Once you finish a loc, move on to the next. Repeat the steps on each loc within each section of your head.

Make sure you keep the detangled hair in braids or twists so they don’t tangle up again.


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