Barter By Flutterwave: The App You Need To Manage Your Online Payments

Barter by Flutterwave

There are a various cash apps on the PlayStore and the App store in Ghana. And granted they all have a lot of useful features, but personally, I have found it hard to stick to using one of those apps. That’s because I don’t see the need to transact through a third-party app when I can just use the Mobile Money USSD interface, or my bank’s mobile app. Then comes Barter by Flutterwave, an app that manages to be useful, anyway.

Virtual Cards

Barter by Flutterwave

After creating an account and logging into the app, Barter allows you to put funds into your account. Then you can pay bills through the app, make money requests to your contacts on Barter, or even send money yourself. But that’s all standard.

What sets Barter apart is its virtual card feature. The app allows you to create virtual dollar cards that you can use for online payments. You can create multiple cards, and manage all of them in the app. Imagine having a dedicated virtual card for your Netflix subscription, another one for Apple Music and even a third for shopping on Jumia. And speaking of virtual cards, Barter also allows you to gift your friends virtual cards that they can use for online payments.

Barter puts you in control of your online payments, and in addition it’s a simpler way to send and receive mobile money, or even setup recurring payments.

Barter also has a smooth UI that is noticeably pleasant and makes using the app a good experience.



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