4 Ways To Turn Your Bedroom Into Your Safe Space

For most people, their bedroom is their safe space. Your bedroom should be a stress free zone and the most calming place in the house especially because we spend most of our time in there. Here are 4 ways to turn your bedroom into your safe space.

1. Make sure it’s clean

A clean space helps you feel good about yourself and makes you relaxed. The cleaning process can be fun as well. Play music you like and get into the cleaning spirit.

2. Decorate it the way you deem fit

It’s your room so you should decorate it the way you want. That way, you feel more connected to it. Choose a paint colour or wallpaper that suits your personality and interests. Add some plants if you like. It’s your space, decorate it however you want.

3. Your bed

From the selection of the type of bed to the beddings you use, your bed should be one of the most important things in your room since that’s where you’ll be usually. It should be soft. It should be decorated in all the colors that make you feel good. If it’s too cluttered, you might consider stripping it down basics: one blanket, one pillow. Play around with it and change it up.

4. Find a scent

You can use scented candles or diffusers. If you decide to go with a candle, light it at specific times; for example, an hour before you go to bed. After a while, you’ll start to associate it with your bedtime and it will help you sleep better.

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