Ways To Get Your In Laws To Like You

You can choose the partner you want but you can’t choose the family they come with. In as much as the media has painted every in-law to be terrible (especially mothers of the guy), it doesn’t always have to be like that. Here are some tips and tricks to get them to like you. Note: These tips can be used even before you get married but know your boundaries because you aren’t married yet.

1. Keep your expectations of them reasonable

They are not your parents. They may or may not like you. Lower your expectations so if they do anything negative you won’t be entirely surprised. Don’t expect too much from them.

2. Treat them like your own

You don’t necessarily have to call them mummy or daddy but the actions matter. If there are chores you wouldn’t allow your own parents to do, don’t let them do it. Just treat them as you would yours.

3. Take an interest in activities that they like to enjoy

This will make them feel accepted and loved but if it doesn’t too, you’ll be satisfied that you still tried. Everyone loves the opportunity to talk about or do the activities that energize and/or soothe them and it’s really nice to be listened to and engaged with.

4. Try to keep them in the loop

This is especially when you have kids. Send them pictures of their grandkids randomly. If there’s a birthday party, invite them. If there’s a random family get together, call them. They’re usually bored and so these activities are very welcome.

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