Ladies, Here Are Simple Style Hacks To Take Note Of

Often times than not, we say we don’t have enough clothes when in actual fact, our wardrobes are bursting with clothes and we cannot even close them. Most of the time, the problem is finding what to wear because we make the decision when it’s almost time to go out. At other times, the problem is the fashion items we are buying. These tips will shorten the time you use to dress up and will ensure you always have something to wear.

1. Shop the right outfits

How? Look at the point where you’ve reached in life. Where do you usually go? Are you mostly in the office? During the weekends where do you find yourself headed? Is it lunch with your girls or partying the night away? You need to take a realistic look at yourself and buy clothes that suit the places you find yourself headed almost every time. This makes it easier for you to dress up and go out. You don’t spend money on certain types of clothes you’ll never wear and eventually have to give it out. Money wasted.

2. Get a 2-piece outfit

I always say this. 2 piece outfits are perfect because when you buy them, there are already 3 different ways to wear them. You can wear it as a 2-piece, you can wear the top with a different bottom or you can wear the bottom with a different top. It gives you variety.

3. Invest in Tops

You can have one pair of palazzo pants or even high waisted jeans but pairing them up with different types of tops will give you different vibes. Nobody will even pay attention to the fact that you’ve been wearing one type of pants the whole time.

4. Keep the outfit in your head

Whatever outfit you plan on wearing for an event, try to set it up in your mind. Planning ahead is key. Once you have an idea of what you want to wear, look through your wardrobe to see if whatever you have in there will suffice. If not, you can improvise or buy something else.

5. Get a blazer

Blazers will make your whole look chic and elegant. Jeans and a shirt with sneakers can be converted into an official look by switching the sneakers into heels and wearing a blazer.


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