Here’s The Reason Why The Attack On Titan Anime Is Better Rated Than GOT And Breaking Bad

Image from Attack on Titan Anime

Attack on Titan is one the best rated anime shows of all time. In fact, on IMDB the series has 7 episodes that are rated 9.9+. For context, Game of Thrones and Breaking having 7 episodes that meet the same criteria—when you combine both of them. So you’re probably wondering, why is Attack on Titan such a great hit?

An Incredible Story

Image from Attack on Titan

If you look past the medium, the fact that it’s an anime, Attack on Titan has one of the most well thought out and well-executed stories of any show. The premise is out there I’ll admit, and that’s to be expected of an anime series, however, this show will keep you glued to your screen right from episode one.

The story follows a young boy, Eren, who is one of mankind’s last survivor’s living within the confines of huge encircling walls. The last of mankind has been forced into these walls because outside the walls, the world has been overrun by giants.

Following the last of civilization’s political, economic and military power struggles under the looming threat of the giants makes for a compelling show rarely has a dull moment.

The Game Of Thrones Effect

Image from Attack on Titan Anime

The other reason that this show is so good is that it uses the Game of Thrones effect. That means any of your favourite characters can die at any point in time in the goriest way possible. You never know what to expect as the story builds up.

Image from Attack on Titan Anime

Attack on Titan also has breathtaking action sequences for all animation fans which are also immersive enough for first time anime watchers.

If you’ve never given anime a chance, this show might be where to start. That is, if you’ve got the stomach for some very creatively animated violence.



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