Nana Konadu Remembers How Rawlings Asked Her To Elope With Him Before They Married

Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings and Jerry John Rawlings

The widow of the late former President, Flight Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings, the former First Lady Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings has recalled some of her fond memories of being married to her late husband.

In a touching tribute to her husband read on her behalf by their daughter Amina, Nana Konadu recounted how he relied on her to give him feedback from rural communities on some of his policies and projects.

She also recalled how Rawlings refused to use state money to fund her work as the First Lady instead urging her to raise her own money to support her numerous women empowerment projects she was undertaking under the umbrella of the 31st December Women Movement.

Her tribute was one of a loving wife who followed her husband into politics although she was initially concerned about him being arrested often and the famous court marshall after his first failed coup attempt.

Nana Konadu also shared a secret of their love story in which the young military officer urged her to elope with him. This gives some backing to the rumors that parents of both the lovers were not in favor of their relationship.

However, Nana Konadu said she held her grounds and got the wedding she wanted with her family involved.

Nana Konadu also reflected on how Rawlings refused to have a military wedding due to his disdain of the military hierarchy at the time. It is this same disdain that put him on the path of mobilizing the young military officers to execute two coups in the country.

RIP Papa J!


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