Former President Rawlings Finds Rest

Former President Jerry John Rawlings

The longest-serving ruler of the Republic of Ghana, Flight Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings is finding rest today after 73 years roaming the surface of the earth.

Since his passing many have described him as someone who was always on the move searching for something, hoping to achieve a certain goal.

In that pursuit, he often acted on fixing what he deemed to be broken.

That is what urged him to rally other junior officers in the army in hopes of fixing what they seemed as an army with bad leadership.

Those actions eventually ended up becoming coups that were aimed that rooting out corruption in civil service and hold government officials accountable.

While serving as a military leader of Ghana, he ushered in the 1992 constitution that we all know now as the supreme law of the land that regulates our democratic society.

The former President was loved and loathed alike by Ghanaians. Nevertheless, he still often became the conscience of economic development that uplifts the masses and roots out corruption in the country.

Even after he retired from active politics, he never turned away from discussing topical political issues and often becoming the political news himself.

Rawlings’ passing came as a shock last November as many had no idea he was sick and on admission at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital.

Today, he finds rest after dedicating his life to the service of Ghana.

Rest in peace, Papa J.


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