5 Things To Know Before Going On A Blind Date

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When going on a date with someone you’ve never met, it’s normal to feel anxious and nervous but we’ve gathered a couple of things to note so you can have more fun on the date.

1. Put Safety First

This is the first time you’re going to meet the person so you need to ensure you’re safe. Meet at a public place and make sure you tell a friend or family member about the place. Be aware of your surroundings. Don’t leave your food or drink unattended to and don’t let your date pressure you into something you don’t want.

2. Keep it short and casual

The first date doesn’t have to be long and extravagant. It would even be better if things were low key. Go to a place that has a fairly low noise level so that conversation can flow smoothly.

3. Lower your expectations

If it’s a friend hooking the 2 of you up, chances are, they exaggerated a number of things so it’s important to lower your expectations. When the expectations are too high, it may get crushed with the slightest thing and you may not enjoy the rest of the date.

4. Relax

You’ll both be nervous meeting each other for the first time so try to find solace in that. Don’t ramble on and on about yourself. Provide information that is important to the date; nothing more. Give the other person a chance to talk too and listen to them.

5. Be present

Try to put your fear and anxiety aside. Listen to what your date is saying. Are they impressing you? Do you see yourself dating this person? Keep your self consciousness in check and focus on the date.

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